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Resource Integration

Rich product range

Rich product range and complete supporting facilities

Professional production lines

6 Professional production lines to shorten the production cycle

Strict quality inspection

multi-quality inspections ensure product quality

Factory direct price

Factory direct sales price saves money and no more worries

Professional laboratory

Professional laboratory with many senior engineers

Inherit the craftsman spirit

Inherit the spirit of craftsmanship, precision manufacturing is only for quality


Profit composition

  • Regular retail profit

  • Distribution, group purchase profit

  • The company's annual return

  • Company pick up, activity reward

  • After-sales service income


Joining condition

  • Work place

    A company that has operations and office space, such as local contractors, transformers or drive product agents.

  • Business Reputation

    Have a certain capital reserve and cash turnover ability, and have a good business reputation.

  • Social Resources

    Have local good social resources and be able to use their own social resources for market promotion.

  • Recognize business philosophy

    Agree to abide by the company's franchisee management system accept the company's system training.


Joining process

  • 01

    Application for joining

  • 02

    Visit and study

  • 03

    Store location

  • 04

    Alliance contract

  • 05

    Decoration sample

  • 06

    Business assistance

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