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1. The Right Environment

• Key components include relative humidity,temperature, CO2, and air circulation/exchange

• Ideal humidity is between 40%-60%

• Some plants like higher humidity, but that can lead to problems with fungus and disease

• Ideal temperature is between 68º–75º F

• Plants need CO2 to grow - with good air circulation and exchange, a room will naturally have between 300-400 PPM without supplemental CO2

2. Start With Good Water

• Water quality is essential to plant growth

• PPM (parts per million) or EC (electrical conductivity) measure salts in a solution

• Start off with a low PPM or EC and add nutrients specific to your plant variety requirements

• A Reverse Osmosis system can reduce PPM/EC

• pH (potential hydrogen) measures acidity or alkalinity in a solution on a scale of 0–14

• pH should range 5.8-6.2 in hydro and 6.0-6.8 in soil

• Nutrient “lockout” occurs in too high or low pH levels

3. Choose A Method

• Ebb & Flow gardens flood and drain a tray of plants with a nutrient solution at regular intervals

• Drip gardens provide a nutrient solution to each plant through tubes & emitters (drip stakes)

• Aeroponic gardens mist an oxygenated nutrient solution directly to the roots of its plants

• NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) gardens flow a slow moving nutrient solution over the plants roots

• Organics are possible using many methods, and are often grown in container gardens

4. Choose A Media

• Growing mediums act as the root anchor system

• Coco is made from the husks of a coconut, is pH stable, and provides moisture retention and aeration

• Expanded Clay pebbles provide moisture retention and aeration and are reusable if sterilized

• Rockwool stone is heated and spun into fibers then compressed, provides an excellent oxygen to water ratio, though flushing/conditioning is recommended

• Silica helps slow transpiration, provides moisture retention and aeration, and is reusable if sterilized

• Peat mixes can be altered to varying air/water ratios

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