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Do LED grow lights yield more than HPS grow lights?

there is old and new led technologies available DE Dimmable HPS Grow Lights Fixture

All hps lights work well

cheap hps is around 38% efficiency professional hps is around 50% either way they produce enough intensity for lush growth

The old led technology is inferior on every level to HID old led lights don’t work well (blurple) blue+red

But modern LED can now run at approaching 60% electrical efficiency (60%light 40%heat)

in order to achieve this efficiency self built/assembled arrays are (under-run) at about 50% of their max power Reducing the heat of the led chips makes them run more efficiently

Running 4x 100w cree cobs at 200 watts makes them more efficient 58% or so

8x 100w cree cobs running at just below 400w is the ideal kind of led light with today’s technology standards

reaching maximum efficiency with a spectrum close to hps 3000k or so (warm white)

Single red leds can be added to the cob array for a slightly more red leaning spectrum to satisfy those who like to tinker around with spectrum but only white is Necessary

Coloured leds like blue are pretty much obsolete because they’re much less efficient than white

The heat that comes from a hps that is directly beaming over the canopy of plants can cause lots of problems if the heat is not removed adequately

Canopy Heat can cause distorted re-vegging which looks like foxtailing this slows maturity

Even though led are only 10% more efficient than HPS at best the reduced heat beaming over the plants makes all the difference especially in tent type grow environments

So many novice growers ruin their yield effectiveness with HPS because of direct heat transfer at canopy level

So yes modern leds can yield more than hid

it’s now a simple fact that cob leds produce more photons per watt than HPS

photons hitting the canopy is what matters most

Although Overall Maximum yield is more determined by genetics/plant numbers/space and pruning techniques more so than the type of light or even spectrum (full spectrum vs warm white) blue+red is dead

1 gram per watt or 2 oz per square foot is an easy standard that anyone can achieve with both types of lighting

Increasing light without increasing any of the other factors can increase yield upto a point

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