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How do plants keep out the cold?

Method 1: "dressing" to protect against cold
   "Clothing" is the first to use linen cloth to wrap plants, but do not use plastic bags. Plants are alive, and they also need sunlight and air. Linen cloth is breathable and transparent, making it the best "clothing fabric". Especially the plants that have just been planted have relatively few roots and weaker vitality, so they need to be carefully cared for.
   At the same time, a black net can also be used to build a small tent to cover the entire plant. The black net is about one or two yuan per meter. But many families don't like black, and you can also choose green nets. However, the price will be twice as expensive. These products can be sold in wholesale markets such as Guangzhou Lingnan Flowers.Reflective Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent
   Method 2: Reducing the "burden"
   Many people think that it is enough to "add clothes" to plants in winter. As everyone knows, plants have to lighten the burden. Lin Wanhua said that the more leaves there are, the larger the area of ​​the plant will be frozen. We should properly trim the plants before the cold current comes, but pruning is learned. The tools used should not be too sloppy, and stationery scissors should not be used casually. It is recommended to use "big flower scissors". They are sold in Fangcun Yue and the World of Flowers, Birds, Fish and Insects, ranging from 20-100 yuan. Good scissors are durable and not easy to deform. It is best to choose products with hard blades, thick blades and strong handles.
  Method 3: Move in time
  The northerly wind is particularly strong in winter, so plants should not be placed in the air vent. If possible, move some potted plants indoors and away from windows. But don't let the plants spend the whole winter indoors, it is recommended to give them a sunbathing when the weather is clear.
  Method 4: Simple heat preservation
  The storage boxes with internal shelves used in general households can be used as greenhouses for plants. Put an appropriate number of small potted plants, add water that does not exceed the height of the inner shelf, and cover the lid to become a simple incubator. Since there is a steam cycle in the "secret room", there is no need to water the plants separately.

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