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How to choose plant fill light?

There are two main types of application scenarios for the selection of plant supplement light. Household or professional agricultural planting supplement light (such as plant factories, greenhouses, etc.), the latter involves a lot of optical design.


There are fluorescent lamps, xenon lamps, and LED lamps as existing plant supplement lights on the market. LED lamps are recommended for any purpose.

This is mainly because, compared with traditional plant lights, LED plant lights have the following advantages:

High luminous efficiency (energy saving), wide spectrum coverage (easy to obtain monochromatic light or full spectrum), adjustable light intensity spectrum, long life, low heat (can be illuminated at close distances, save planting space), and diversified lamp forms (satisfy Requirements for different application scenarios), high use security, etc.

Planting for 35 days can grow into 45 days.

In addition, you need to understand some lamp parameters before purchasing plant supplement light, including lamp power (related to supplement light effect, energy consumption cost), spectrum (affecting supplement light effect), style, size, lamp body material, weight And the type of light source (related to lamp life), etc.


If you are a professional agricultural grower, it is very important to understand the planting needs before buying plant supplement light!
What plant should be supplemented with light? Because different plants have different requirements for light intensity and spectrum, this affects the power selection and spectrum customization of the fill light;
The spectrum of artificial light sources is carefully designed according to the needs of plant growth

2. The area and layout of the fill light area, which not only affects the choice of lamp power, but also involves the choice of lamp size and style;

3. Space environment, such as the lighting conditions of the area, the shading condition, the height of the lamp can be hung, etc., the material of the lamp body (for example, whether it is UV resistant), the type of light source (hot or cold light) and the choice of hanging load-bearing;

4. Estimation of supplementary light cost, etc.

The plant lighting market combines the physiological characteristics of plants with lighting fixtures. The products are different but the quality is also uneven. While considering the supplementary lighting effect, it must also consider the safety certification of the lighting, the warranty period of the lighting and the after-sales service. Guangdong Wei Zhaoye Optoelectronics Energy Saving Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in R&D, production and sales of LED plant lighting. It has a wide range of products, complete after-sales, and high professionalism. It is worth choosing.

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