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Do full spectrum LED grow lights work?

Full spectrum lighting generally refers to light delivery across the entire visible spectrum of light. Many would believe that “full spectrum” should mean the entire spectrum delivered by the sun.led grow light full spectrum Manufacturers 
Plants only use a portion of the visible light spectrum for photosynthesis. The portion of visible light that plants use for photosynthesis is referred to as PAR, so for the purposes of a grow light, “full spectrum” simply means that the light emitted covers the majority of the PAR range.
Full spectrum LED grow lighting delivers a greater quantity of usable photons . These LEDs provide output in very specific frequencies, with very narrow bandwidths. As lighting sources become more powerful, especially in LED lighting, the output in these discreet ranges often exceeds the plant’s ability to use these photons, wasting light and power.
Some Benefits Are:-
Lower heat output and higher energy efficiency
Resemblance to real light spectrum

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