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How to choose a hps grow light

When choosing a HPS grow light, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The first thing to consider is the size of the grow tent. Make sure the grow tent has sufficient vertical space to accommodate both the HPS and the plant. The height of the tent should be about 60 inches high, or about five feet, whichever is the greater. The grow tent should also have enough ventilation for hot air. Lastly, when choosing an HPS grow light, remember to leave about two or three feet of space between the plant and the light.
HPS grow lights can be expensive to run. A 1000W HPS light with a 100 to 150W ballast will use the same amount of electricity as 10 75-inch LED TVs. The electricity cost of this grows room fixture will be reflected on your power bill. LED grow lights cost around 55% less than HPS lights. You can even use a grow room electricity cost calculator to estimate your costs. It is important to remember that LED grow lights use significantly less electricity.
The HPS grow light emits a significant amount of heat. It produces similar heat to that of a 1,000-watt heater. It's important to note that this heat will directly affect the plants, so make sure there's enough space between the lights and your plants. High-pressure sodium grows light will also last longer than a metal halide. However, it will gradually produce less light and will eventually require more electricity.
HPS grow lights provide optimal light levels and produce a spectrum of light similar to the sun. A thousand-watt HPS bulb will emit up to one-third of that amount of light, which means that it can be used in conjunction with ballasts to increase yields. Furthermore, because HPS lights have a high light output, they can grow more plants than any other type of grow light. Its high light output is ideal for flowering and fruiting.

HPS 1000W DE Full Spectrum Hydroponics Grow Lights

HPS 1000W DE Full Spectrum Hydroponics Grow Lights

Code: LCL1000DB00022


Available voltage: 120/240v, 240/277v, 347v,480v

  • Enclosed style with more light gathering for plant
  • Ultra high frequency ballast with high efficiency
  • Dimmable output: 600w/660w/1000w/1150w/EXT
  • Various style hoods easy for replacement
  • Available in premium 95% reflectivity European

( VEGA) aluminum, or Chinese aluminum

  • Available in 0-10v controllable ballast
  • 8ft power cord included

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