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Is a grow light led right for you

If you're interested in growing plants indoors, you might be wondering if a grow light LED is right for you. These lights use a variety of LED bulbs and attempt to mimic the sun's spectrum, but with the appropriate wavelengths for plants.Listed below are some of the pros and cons of grow lights. To make your decision, consider the following:
Light intensity is a top consideration. The amount of light emitted should match the amount of space you have for growing plants. Too much or too little light will harm your plants. A good rule of thumb is to select a grow light with a spectrum that is 300-500K lower than the optimum light for your particular plants. Light intensity is not measured according to human perception, but instead refers to the quantity of photons a plant can absorb.
An LED grow light can be placed close to or high above the vegetation, depending on the intensity needed for flowering. The intensity of light will be higher at the plant's center, and decrease as the plants grow closer to the light. It is important to note that too much light can burn plant tissue and damage the buds. However, a well-designed LED will not harm plant tissues. 
Spectrum is the second most important consideration when selecting an LED grow light. Choose a spectrum that matches the different stages of your plants' growth. Some growers need only flowering and veg stages, while others need a fixture for both. Most indoor plants, however, need a light that will grow them from seedling to flower. For this reason, there are two spectrums: narrow and broad. This means that the spectrum of a particular grow light will be better for different stages of growth.
Color spectrum: While normal LEDs offer a variety of color spectrums, they are not as broad as those used in grow lights. A grow light must offer both blue and red light spectrums to promote vegetative growth while a red light is essential for flowering. A standard LED, while providing some of the required spectrum, is not enough to promote growth. You need a grow light that can offer your plants the proper balance between colors for healthy growth.
Size and shape: Most grow light LEDs are square and long, so you can fit more of them in your grow room. Most home owners use the kind with a 15-foot fabric cord and come with three swag hooks and two wall fairleads. However, these lights do not provide adequate light at the ends of your growing area. For this reason, LED grow lights are often designed for large areas and a number of lights in one row.

LZD0680A15 Folding 680W

LZD0680A15 Folding 680W

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