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What Are The Benefits of a Duct Fan

A poorly designed duct can cause diminished airflow throughout the house. Booster fans, or duct boosters, can help increase airflow in a poorly designed duct by pulling air past registers. These fans are also great for increasing air flow in complex duct systems. When properly installed, they will ensure the most airflow and prevent air from getting clogged up.
Another benefit of a duct booster fan is that it can increase airflow in a hard-to-heat or cool room. This can eliminate the need to adjust the thermostat or install auxiliary equipment. They are available for both fresh air intake and exhaust applications and fit in metal ducts. The performance of these fans depends on the size and type of ductwork in your home.
Inline duct fans can be either belt-driven or direct-drive. Belt-drive duct fans usually require periodic maintenance, such as belt replacement. Direct-drive duct fans require less maintenance and are suited for small domestic spaces. They are generally quieter than booster fans of the same size. However, the power consumption of inline duct fans is greater than that of booster fans.
Duct inline fans are a popular choice for situations where it is impossible to install a wall-mounted fan. They provide ventilation without being visible and won't tempt thieves. Some duct fans can even be hidden, with a low-profile grating covering the fan.
Another benefit of a duct booster fan is that it can be an inexpensive alternative to installing a booster fan. If your ductwork is not functioning properly, a duct booster fan can kick-start the airflow through a problem section. This makes it a great choice for renovation and construction professionals.

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