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What are the parts of the plant fill light?

(1) LED Plant grow lights lamp beads (chip/chip)
The core component of plant lights emits spectrum to act on plants. The quality of the lamp beads also largely determines the quality of the LED grow lights. At present, most of the LED grow lights used in mainland China are imported from abroad.
(2) LED plant light power supply (power supply)
LED plant light bulbs need low-voltage direct current to emit light, and both commercial and daily use are alternating current. The voltage in mainland China is generally 380V for commercial use and 220V for household use. The power supply for plant growth lights converts alternating current into direct current to reduce the high voltage. The device assigned to each lamp bead.
(3) LED plant light heat sink (fan, heat sink, heat sink...)
The luminous efficiency of LED plant lamp beads is related to temperature. It decreases with the increase of temperature in the normal temperature range, and affects the luminous decay and life of the lamp beads. The role of the heat sink is to ensure the efficient and long-lasting operation of the lamp.
(4) LED plant light lampshade (glass lampshade, acrylic lampshade)
The main function of the lampshade is dustproof and household lamps. Commonly used are glass lampshades and acrylic lampshades. The glass lampshades have good light transmission, are not easy to deform, bulky, and fragile; the acrylic lampshades are light in weight, not fragile, easy to change, and not conducive to environmental protection.
(5) LED plant light lens/reflector
The function of the lens and the reflector cup is to use the physics principle of light to change the light propagation trajectory to achieve the condensing effect, and to ensure the efficient use of the light emitted by the LED plant light. The lens changes its trajectory through the refraction of light, and the reflector cup changes the trajectory of light through the reflection of light.
(6) LED plant light shell (plastic shell, metal shell)
The main function of the plant growth lamp housing is to protect the LED plant lamp from damage during transportation, installation, and use, or accidental electric shock by the staff, and also to increase the appearance of the lamp (the circuit is completely exposed to the outside, or not so much Good-looking), there are mainly metal shells and plastic shells, of which the use rate of metal shells is relatively high.
(7) Internal plastic linking device of LED plant light
Covering the exposed wires is mainly for insulation to prevent leakage of electricity from affecting the safety of the user's life. Secondly, it also has the function of fixing the parts in the lamp.
(8) Aluminum substrate of LED plant light
The lamp beads of the LED plant light are directly connected to the aluminum substrate, and the aluminum substrate is mainly used for fixing the lamp beads and dissipating heat.
(9) LED plant light intelligent device
Some LED plant growth lights require intelligent control. For example, when used in LED plant light boxes and plant lights, they need to be switched on and off regularly, or to simulate the natural light phenomenon of sunrise and sunset lights. Intelligent devices need to be added to the lamps to achieve remote control.

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