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What kind of lamp, the spectrum is closest to sunlight?

Sunlight is our most important light source,
Guide us to know the world,Give us light and warmth,
It has an important impact on people's physical and mental health.
In the long-term evolutionary process, human beings have adapted and accustomed to the solar spectrum. Therefore, the solar spectrum is the healthiest spectrum for humans and natural creatures. When sunlight reaches the earth, part of it is scattered by the atmosphere and becomes scattered light from the sky; part of it passes through the atmosphere and forms direct sunlight. Therefore, the artificial light source LED is used to construct a healthy lighting environment, and the natural spectral composition of the healthy lighting environment should be consistent with the solar spectrum.led grow light full spectrum
The latest ecological sunlight lighting system developed by Xiyangyang Technology integrates the latest LED packaging technology, optical technology, intelligent control and other technologies to simulate scattered sky light and direct sunlight respectively. Restored the most natural way of lighting. It can simulate the lighting scene where sunlight enters the room through skylights, with vivid clear sky and bright sunlight, and can simulate the sunlight spectrum, bringing people a real natural sunlight experience, improving the quality of indoor space, and bringing people a healthy life surroundings.
Simulating natural light can also make up for the lack of indoor lighting to a certain extent. Many houses cannot get good daylight due to the orientation problem and geographical location. Simulating natural light can solve this problem well and make the house vivid and bright.
When daylighting is no longer a new concept,
It should and deserve to be known by more people.
Xiyangyang ecological sunlight lamp can not only improve the comfort of the house,
It also makes you feel healthier and happier.

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