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What kind of LED grow lights do plants really need?

In recent years, as plant lighting has become a new hot spot in the world, many LED lighting-related companies have been eager to try. But with this craze, a very important problem is that many people only know about plant lighting only to use lights to illuminate plants, and they don't understand what plant lighting is. For plant lighting, the first thing we need to know is that not all light can be used by plants, basically only blue and red light can be absorbed by plants.
"Two Safety" of Plant Lighting
When lighting plants, we need to pay attention to "two safety":
The first is people-oriented, and the safety of users-growers.
For example, are the intensity and exposure time of ultraviolet or blue light suitable for humans to work in this environment for a long time? Will working in such an environment for a long time endanger the health of the staff? This point must be paid attention to. While illuminating the plants, pay attention to the visual comfort of the staff inside for a long time, and avoid the appearance of the staff who work inside for twenty minutes and leave. Everything you see in front of them is green and appears Various conditions such as dizziness and nausea.
The second is the safety of plants-the stability of yield and the stability of nutrient content. Different light has different effects on plants.
Different wavelengths of light have different effects on the growth of plants. By using light reasonably, we can completely control the flowering and fruiting of plants in advance or prolong the flowering and fruiting periods of plants.
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