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What should be paid attention to in the practical application of plant growth lights

First, in terms of the distance between light exposure and plants. Grow lights allow plants to supplement proper lighting by adjusting the height of the lights suspended above the plants.
Early-stage of plant growth – place the light approximately 300mm above the plant. Therefore, it ensures minimum inter-node length and provides inter-node.
The vegetative period requires increasing the distance between the light and the plant, possibly between 300-600 mm. Plants with many leaves need to lower the light so that light can reach the lower branches of these plants. Also, keep the LEDs above 300 mm if your factory requires higher lighting levels, or 600 mm if we need lower lighting levels.
The flowering, germination stage maintains a height of 300-600 mm from the canopy. The optimum vantage point is 400mm above the canopy.
Second, for the plant-feeding aspect. In the presence of LED grow lights, plants need to provide 30% of the HPS lighting source. Cal-Mag is added when plants are growing under LED lighting. In a hydroponic system, evaporation is reduced so you have to provide fewer nutrients.
Third, in winter, more heat needs to be provided in the room to promote plant growth. The heat in the growing area is much lower than that of the HPS lighting. When using LED plant growth lights, you should pay attention to the heat conduction between plants and the surrounding environment to create a suitable growth environment.

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