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Why are HPS grow lights popular

HPS grow lights are one of the most popular types of lighting for indoor gardening. These fixtures are great for growing marijuana, as they give plants the exact amount of light they need to grow. 
Another great benefit of HPS grows lights is that they provide optimal plant development. Unlike the older metal halide grow lights, HPS bulbs are more affordable and can be easily replaced. HPS lights also have dimmable ballasts that let you control the intensity of light and provide a comfortable environment for your plants. You can also choose reflectors according to the kind of light you need for your plants. The best part is that they are available at a variety of prices.
HPS grow lights are more popular for resinous plants. LEDs are a relatively new technology, while CMH grows lights are improved versions of HID grow lights. LEDs use a narrower spectrum and can save about 30% of electricity. They can also daisy chain multiple lights together. In addition, you can add additional grow lights to your growing area without having to replace your electrical system. With all of the benefits that LEDs offer, you'll be able to grow more with less electricity.
While HPS grow lights are generally used in conjunction with metal halide bulbs, they can also be used on their own. For the vegetative stage, they provide a better spectrum of blue light than MH grow lights. This makes them ideal for growing plants in areas with abundant natural sunlight. If you live in a climate where the sun shines all day long, you'll have enough sunlight to grow your plants without the need to add an extra grow light.

1000w DE Light System Enclosed

1000w DE Light System Enclosed



1000w DE Light System Enclosed 

.Available voltage:120/240v,240/277v,347v,480v

  • Enclosed style with more light gathering for plant
  • Ultra high frequency ballast with highefficiency
  • Dimmable output:600w/750w/1000w/1150w
  • Various style hoods easy for replacement
  • Available in premium 95% reflectivity European

(VEGA) aluminum, or Chinese aluminum

  • Available in 0-10v controllable ballast
  • 8ft power cordincluded
  • Patented DEsocket

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