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What is a full-spectrum light source?

Full spectrum refers to the spectrum curve containing ultraviolet light, visible light, and infrared light, and the ratio of red, green and blue in the visible light part is similar to that of sunlight, and the color rendering index is close to 100.
The spectrum of sunlight can be called the full spectrum. In the artificial light source, the content of mercury is increased in the arc tube of the arc discharge gas discharge lamp to increase the light energy of the ultraviolet light and adjust the metal halide ratio to make the visible light led grow light full spectrum  part. The combination of wavelengths in each band is close to the solar spectrum, and the infrared light with a wavelength greater than 780nm has a continuous spectrum, which can last up to 1000nm wavelengths.
The full-spectrum light source is used to supplement the illumination of the rearing organisms.
The artificial full-spectrum light source has the same seven colors as sunlight, which is the familiar red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple, while the general artificial light has only three colors of orange, green, and indigo. As a supplementary light, the light can be enhanced at any time of the day, so as to always help the plant to photosynthesize. Especially in the winter months, the effective lighting time can be extended. Full-spectrum light sources are also used to illuminate tropical fish.
Having full-spectrum light in the greenhouse is essential for plant growth. The early plant lighting sources used were not full-spectrum light sources, which could not fully provide the light needed for plant growth. The full-spectrum light source has full-spectrum characteristics, can provide all the light required for plant growth, and can greatly shorten the time required for plant growth. Therefore, its appearance is a technological revolution in the field of plant lighting, and it has become the best choice for light sources in this industry.
Ordinary fluorescent lamps are not full-spectrum light sources, so when fluorescent tubes and aquarium tubes are used to illuminate fish, it is difficult for us to distinguish the spectrum with the naked eye, but their actual use effects on aquatic plants and fish are different.

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