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What is the effect of full-spectrum LED lights on plant growth?

It is certainly effective, but there will be cases of low light utilization. And it's not as good as red and blue fill light.
The spectrum of the full-spectrum LED supplementary light is to simulate sunlight, and plants absorb the most red and blue light, so there will be some low light utilization, resulting in waste, and the power consumption is relatively large, and the heat generation is relatively high. Domestic Light Yin Lighting is a manufacturer that produces supplementary lights. There are red and blue LED plant supplementary lights, and full-spectrum LED plant supplementary lights. You can also customize supplementary lights with different spectrums according to your needs.
Full-spectrum LED lights are not the best for plant growth. Because many light waves in the full spectrum are not what plants like.
Every plant has its corresponding spectrum of growth. Other spectra. He will just rest.
So plant growth lights. They are all spectroscopically specific. There is no need to make it into a full spectrum, so that plants can grow in "Twenty-Four Hours".
Common plants do not grow in the sun until night.led grow light full spectrum manufactures

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