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What kind of light can fill the plant with light?

I believe that whether you are a greenhouse grower or a family green plant enthusiast, you will encounter a particularly headache when planting plants, that is, insufficient light. Because of insufficient light, the succulents that are raised in the house will become unsightly and elongated. Tomatoes grown in greenhouses will slow growth, increase in blooms, reduce fruit weight, and increase diseased fruits. When pitayas are grown in greenhouses, only flowering but no fruit will appear. The phenomenon.
Insufficient light, we need to artificially fill it up. After searching for information, we will find that plant supplementary light is used to supplement light for plants. So what kind of light can supplement light for plants?
❶ Incandescent lamp
People first used incandescent lamps, but because incandescent lamps had high heat and lacked the red and blue light needed for photosynthesis of plants, they were eliminated; then fluorescent lamps were used. Fluorescent growth lamps have low output, too large and It is bulky, does not play a good role, and lacks red light, so it is used as the growth light for seeds or seedlings; thirdly, it is HID lamp, which has high efficiency, but the price is also very high, and it lacks the blue light required for plant photosynthesis , So it is not the best choice to fill the plant with light.
LED lights
In recent years, LED plant supplement light has developed rapidly. Compared with the above lamps, LEDs are more suitable for supplementing light to plants. It has the advantages of low heat production, low cost, long life, and small space occupation. The more important thing is that it has rich wavelength types and is compatible with plant photosynthesis and light morphology. The spectral range of the construction is consistent, the half-width of the wave width is narrow, and the desired spectrum can be combined according to the demand, containing the red and blue light required for plant photosynthesis. LED lights can well meet the needs of plants for light, promote the healthy growth of plants, and can be used in greenhouse planting, plant factories, and home planting.
❷HID light

HID lamp, HID lamp has high efficiency, but the price is also very high, and it lacks the blue light required for photosynthesis of plants, so it is not the best choice to supplement plants.
❷Laser plant growth light
One lamp per acre requires only three kilowatt-hours of electricity a month. The cold light source accurate fill light not only saves electricity, but also provides a more accurate light source for each crop. Special fill light for greenhouses. Waterproof and moisture-proof, one can be used for 10 years. It is important to be able to go on the market 5-30 days in advance and increase production by more than 30%, which can enhance crop resistance to diseases and insect pests, reduce pesticide usage, reduce pesticide residues, and improve product quality.
To supplement light for plants should be based on their requirements for light, choose a suitable plant supplement light, and adjust the light time and light intensity. The laser plant growth light plant supplement light not only allows plants to grow healthily, but also increases the yield of the fruit, which can be put on the market in advance, and it can also control the flowering period and make its color more vivid.

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